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Nexus 5 & Android KitKat launched (Update- Available in Indian Playstore)

Much awaited & most leaked  handset Nexus 5 is officially announced by Sundar Pichai, SVP, Android, Chrome & Apps, just few minutes before on Official blog of Google As we ... Continue Reading →

Nexus 5 made appearance in Playstore (update – vanished)

Technology watchdogs got a treat today when Nexus 5 made its first fully branded official appearance on US Playstore. The handset pricing appears to be from $349 which is mostly likely ... Continue Reading →

Android Kitkat & Unreleased Nexus spotted in Google video

Today as of 03-09-2013 US time, Google unveiled much anticipated next version of Android 4.4 named Kitkat. (Hope you are aware that Android  versions are named after desserts always. ... Continue Reading →

App Development or Responsive Design? Where Do You Stand?

It’s becoming increasingly important to build websites that can adapt to different devices and platforms; users on smartphones will need a slightly different experience from those ... Continue Reading →

Google’s Person Finder app tracks the missing in Uttarakhand floods!

The Google Person Finder is a web application that allows individuals to post and search for the status of their relatives or friends affected by a disaster. All data entered in it ... Continue Reading →
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Top Android Apps for the Summer

  What are some of the best Android apps to download this summer? From paid to free apps, some of the best are designed to make travel and nights out easier, while also giving ... Continue Reading →
Old Machines Lying around?   Pic courtesy:

Creating a MySQL Cluster with your old machines

Do you have a few old machines lying around? If you’ve got some old legacy hardware catching dust at your work place, you might finally be able to get some functionality out ... Continue Reading →
Ganglia Front-End showing the Load Metrics of each node of the cluster

Building a Simple Linux Cluster with Ganglia Monitoring Tool

The world of computing has undergone tremendous changes along its path of evolution, from the humble Analytical Engine to IBM’s Cray. Ever since its inception, scientists, engineers ... Continue Reading →

[HOW TO] Write a GSoC Proposal

Phalgun Guduthur was a GSoCer for Amarok/KDE in 2012. He studied in PESIT, Bangalore and currently working for Akamai Technologies, Bangalore and here are his experiences and tips for ... Continue Reading →

Good bye to Old Google Play Developer Console,It will be retired on April 15!!

Google announced its revamped Google Play Developer Console adding it will sunset the previous version of the console on April 15. The new desing First announced last October, the ... Continue Reading →