Mozilla joins the mobile platform race with Mozilla OS!! Mozilla, Why you want to fail ??

Hello everybody! Mozilla on Monday gave its Boot 2 Gecko mobile platform a new name,Firefox OS, and announced seven new mobile carrier partners have endorsed the project with mozilla.Do you think mozilla can race with Mobile platform kings like ios, Android?

Carrier partners are: Deutsche Telekom, Etisalat, Smart, Sprint, Telecom Italia, Telefonica and Telenor are supporting Mozilla’s Firefox OS, though the extent of that support remains unclear. Mozilla has lined up endorsements from executives at its new carrier partners, but those expressions of enthusiasm stop short of commitments to ship actual phones with Firefox OS.

Mozilla says “building a new mobile ecosystem using open Web standards. The operators also confirm their high level of interest and belief in the new platform and commit to working with Mozilla to define the opportunities for Firefox OS devices in their footprints, particularly in developing markets where there is a significant opportunity for a better smartphone experience at low price points.”

Kovacs explained.“The introduction of the open mobile OS continues the Mozilla mission to promote openness, innovation and opportunity on the Web for users and developers. As billions of users are expected to come online for the first time in the coming years, it is important to deliver a compelling smartphone experience that anyone can use” ”The large number of operators and manufacturers now supporting this effort will bring additional resources and diversity to our global offerings.”

Firefox OS hardware will be powered  by Alcatel and ZTE first to offer Mozilla Firefox OS powered smartphones with initial  by a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset and will be produced by TCL (Alcatel )and ZTE are making the phones, which will show up on Brazil’s Telefonica Vivo network. Other operators are planning to give the phones a try. Device manufacturers TCL Communication Technology (under the Alcatel One Touch brand) and ZTE today announced their intentions to manufacture the first devices to feature the new Firefox OS, using Snapdragon processors from Qualcomm Incorporated, the leader in smartphone platforms. The first Firefox OS powered devices are expected to launch commercially in Brazil in early 2013 through Telefónica’s commercial brand, Vivo.

Boot to Gecko is no more – It’s changed to Firefox OS, as Mozilla looks to take on the mobile OS market in 2013, Boot to Gecko was first announced back in July 2011 and it is Mozilla’s project to offer a fully open mobile ecosystem, powering smartphones built entirely to open web standards and based on HTML5 applications.

Skip to 2012 and the Boot to Gecko name has been dropped and the carriers as well as manufacturers that are to support the newly titled Mozilla Firefox OS have been is using the latest open web standards for its apps, which means that apps written for it will be compatible with just about any smartphone running the OS, or even every device with an HTML5-enabled browser. And don’t worry – even though the OS itself is cloud-based, you might still use your phone offline and even run apps and games on it – offline caching is a technology already supported by the web standards. With HTML5.

fully open mobile ecosystem, built entirely on open web standards, HTML5 is a standard for supporting advanced functionality in web pages,when an app launches in your smartphone’s browser instead of as a native app, chances are it was made with HTML5 for sure.


Do you think Firefox OS Isn’t Mobile platform Market Game-Changer?


Mozilla Why you want to fail ?? According to eweek Firefox OS is not a game-changer in the least. The operating system has some interesting concepts, but it’s entering a market that it can’t possibly be successful in. With smartphones on the way that won’t impress anyone, how can the operating system really do something so special? It’s not always smart to bet against Mozilla and its high quality products, but in this case, don’t put your money on Mozilla because mozilla’s in-development mobile OS, It could end up challenging lower end of the market in the mobile space.

Bottom line is this, already there are 7, 8  Mobile Platforms Fighting for api’s, technologies, designs, app markets, manufactures and Carriers! So do you think  Mozilla OS could end up with lower end? or Not? please comment with your opinion. :)

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  • yogesh

    Nicely Written
    but saying that there are already enough OS so there is no room for another OS is not Fair especially when tizen OS is in big news.
    every mobile OS present currently have many problem associated with it. Let it be Android or iOS.
    Agree that App development is hell difficult with different OS and different API so firefox OS solve it by HTML 5 App …i think HTML 5 app will be game changer.
    also entry in this tight market is not easy is accepted but there is enough room at mid and low end phone where we still have basic apps.
    hope Mozilla not disappoint us…

    • LinuxCandy

      I agree on what you say! App development may become easier but thinking as end user do you think these HTML5 apps will be preferable ? This is going to be a cloud based ( like chrome OS ) . We have already seen how far chrome OS has gone. There should be space where one should think why they should choose Mozilla OS while others are there. Price can be a primary thing, then usability, then comes apps available and all those things. Lets see what Mozilla has to bring and what the world has to show their reaction to it.

      • yogesh

        all people compare firefox os with chrome os but the thing that chrome os build to cheap notebook which replace by tablet so hard luck for Google but Firefox os build for mobile so thing may be different…
        and about the cloud that will be excellent to keep your data on cloud that’s what all leading mobile company looking for ..
        about app there are thousand of HTML 5 app which are immediately available for Firefox os…
        Agree that it will be long way to go … but i prefer to cross my finger for Firefox os .

  • Nature Friend

    Nicely written…always Apple on top..ha ha !

    • Linuxgirl Beta

      I think Android is on top dear :)

  • Tony Baldwin

    Frankly, I’m curious about this FFOS, and would definitely give it a shot. The Moz project makes great FLOSS software, and I would expect their OS to be Free (as in freedom), which, for me, is always best. Android, while lying on top of a linux kernel is not a fully Free OS, and neither is Chrome OS.

    • Chandan P. Gupta

      I second you on your thoughts @facebook-503683775:disqus about being the product being fully FLOSS. Android obviously lacks that. Looks like this Mozilla OS is going to be one of major product of theirs as they also stopped any further development for Thunderbird and the most of team will move to this one! Lets see how it goes. All the best Mozilla!