Need Jellybean Update?, get early through CyanogenMod 10 !!!

This time good news for Android from custom ROM CyanogenMod !!  Jelly bean CyanogenMod 10 preview going release officially  for Galaxy Note, Nexus7,HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy S3,S2 also Unofficial CM10 Builds for the One S, X10 Mini, and X8,  ZTE Blade, Galaxy Ace and Gio get unofficial versions on CyanogenMod 10 and Verizon Galaxy Nexus got CM10 preview builds

Like the previous one, this ROM is experimental. Some things may be broken, so you’ll have to flash it at your own risk. In related news, Team CyanogenMod have released an early preview of CyanogenMod 10 ROM for Galaxy S III users. You can download it here. Do remember however, that this is just an early build and there are a lot of little bugs and glitches in the ROM. So you might not want to use it as a daily ROM. All the instructions are posted along with the download, and if you’ve rooted or flashed a custom ROM in the past, it’s pretty straight forward. CyanogenMod 10 is currently supported by the international version of the S III as well as the US-based carrier locked ones, which feature Qualcomm’s Krait SoC. So ensure you download the right package for your phone.

While this early preview is a promising start, we don’t expect a stable version to come out any time soon, not until the team releases a stable CM 9 ROM. Earlier this month, the team posted an update on Google+ that outlines the progress of the build, and the likely release date. In a nutshell, they’ll begin work on CM 10, once they are able to release a stable build of CM 9. The team has also confirmed that porting ‘Project Butter’ over to other devices shouldn’t be much of an issue. While there might be some breakage in existing libs, there’s nothing that a small hack won’t fix. Also, building a CM 10 ROM shouldn’t take as long as CM 9, since Jelly Bean is just a tweaked version of the Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) operating system. One of the reasons why it’s taking so long to build a stable CM 9 ROM is that they started from scratch with CM 9. Since ICS was a major overhaul over Gingerbread, the team decided to rewrite all the enhancements from ground up. This prolonged the development cycle, but the end result should be worth waiting for. For CM 10, they just have to incorporate the new code into CM 9, which should be a painless process.

Google Nexus 7 was just recently released, yet a CyanogenMod 10 ROM has already been reported to be working well with the tablet, for how install (click me)

For Galaxy note video (click me)

But full CyanogenMod 10 will only arrive after stable CM 9 is ready!! now only CyanogenMod 10 preview  released.

Some helpful XDA developer sources:



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