Nexus 7 is available in India via Playstore

As we have posted here about India is listed as supported country on Nexus Store, here is the next announcement Nexus 7 is now officially available in India via Google Play store, ... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Linus Torvalds !

Happy Birthday to Linus Torvalds!!!,  the father of Linux,creator of  the world’s most popular open-source software program the Linux operating system. For more than 21 years, ... Continue Reading →

CrossOver Available For Download: Get it Before it Expires

CodeWeavers, the developer of CrossOver has decided to run a 24-hour free giveaway for their famous wine-based product, CrossOver.     CrossOver (a.k.a. CrossOver Office before ... Continue Reading →

Irreponsible behaviour of FSF India

Here is a message from Dr. Partha willing to share to the public about Irresponsible behavior of FSF India. Oct 28 2012: Several months ago, when RMS visited Hyderabad, India, he made ... Continue Reading →

OpenStack, Folsom upgrade path for Ubuntu 12.04 is also ready

Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth said today at OpenStack Summit that Ubuntu 12.10 with the latest release of OpenStack called ‘Folsom” is now available and that the “‘Folsom” ... Continue Reading →

There was no source code leaked – claims Skype’s CSO

After Stun’s tweet on twitter, the news got so spread over diaspora, google+ and twitter. We  managed to write a blog post on it mentioning the news that skype source code has ... Continue Reading →

Acquiring continues… !!!

Google acquires Apple-focussed startup Sparrow!!!!!!!!!!!  Acquiring continues..!!!  big companies pry eyes upon smaller and prospective startups continues !  few days earlier ... Continue Reading →

Skype Source Code Leaked

This just started flooding in twitter and got a pastebay link http://pastebay.net/1068196 which says that skype source code has been released. The post reads like this. AFTER MICROSOFT ... Continue Reading →

The Oval Elephant and The Mini X, Powers linux costs less than $100

  Delivering powerful  computing n tiny packages and low prices, linux revolution has outsmarted the market. With its increasing popularity amongst android users and flourishing ... Continue Reading →

The nVidia Fiasco – What Every Linux-Laptop User Should Know

As much as I love high graphics, games and immersive realistic experiences in my computing, I have come to grow increasingly unenthusiastic about the companies who pioneer in providing ... Continue Reading →